Dongguan Yiheng Electronics Co., Ltd is an enterprise specialized in power supply / adapter, battery pack, controller, medical power adapter and other related products., and owns a large number of high-quality professionals with more than 10 years of experience in the SMPS industry. Our company has approximately 10 million units annual output in 2020. Our products are widely applied in the smart furniture, such as electric recliners, electric adjustable desk, electric adjustable bed, etc. and medical equipment, sports & entertainment equipment, digital devices, security product and so on.
  Our company and manufacturing factory are located in Huangjiang town, Dongguan city. There are the first-rate manufacturing, testing and experimental equipments and instruments. We apply the automated testing system for switch power supply, such as placement machine, wave soldering, reflux welding, EMC&ESD test system, environmental test chamber, high temperature aging room, data acquisition instrument and other advanced producing and testing equipment to ensure the superior production efficiency, the tightened inspection, the controllable and guaranteed quality.
  Our company has been granted ISO9001:2000 quality management system certification, meanwhile, our products have also been authorized the safety approval from different countries, such as TUV, UL, GS, CCC, PSE, CEC+ERP, CU, INMETRO, RCM,, GEMS, NOM and others, which cover the most countries and reigons all over the world. The R&D professional team are able to provide the products service from the appearance to the PCBA‘s design and research rapidly.
  The business philosophy we believe in:
  Competition is the driving force for enterprise development, quality is the benefit, innovation is the life.