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          New Products
          A professional engaged in various types of switching power supply, medical power, battery pack, mobile power bank, controller and other related product development, production, sales and service in one of the enterprises
          about YIHENG
          Dongguan YIHENG Electronics Co., Ltd

          Dongguan Yiheng Electronics CO., Ltd, established in 2015, is an enterprise specialized in various switch power adapter, medical power adapter, battery pack, mobile power adapter, controller and other related products who integrated research &development, production, sale and service managements as whole. Our company has approximately 10 million pieces annual output, at present, we mainly manufacture the switch power supply, open frame power (bare board) which are offer customized service as your demand. Our products are widely applied in: multi-functional furniture, medical equipment, sports and entertainment equipment, digital products, as well as security, LED lighting and other fields. our head quarter and manufacturing factory are located in Huangjiang town...

          Industry information
          Along with the energy sector development and growth, lithium batteries...
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          "Made in China 2025" launched comprehensively, drives the pace of tran...
          Contact us
          Domestic: zbq@yhpower.com
          Overseas: Lucaszhao@yhpower.com

          Building #A, C,No.3 the 3rd Chuang Ye Road,Helu Village,Huangjiang,Dongguan,Guangdong. P.C.523758